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High quality medical translation at reasonable prices, based on the experiences at a pharmaceutical company and a medical device company.

Job History


[Type of Documents]

Regulatory dossiers, Medical papers, Abstracts, Protocols, IBs, Informed consent forms, Other documents of clinical studies, SOPs, Case cards, Instructions for use, Incident reports, Quality assurance reports, ISO, Catalogs, Press releases, Materials for academic conferences, Minutes, Marketing, Promotion, etc.



Antipsychotics, Drugs for hay fever, Antibody drugs, and Molecular targeted drugs


●Medical Devices

- Low-invasive medical devices (Catheters, Stents, Stent grafts, Coils, Balloons, Ablation devices, End knifes, Snares, Endoscopes, Thrombus aspirators, Tourniquets, Biopsy needles, Software for medical devices, Biological valves, Neuro-modulation devices, etc.)

- Technologies to use the above devices (Arterial/Venous embolization, Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA), Stent/Stent graft/Coil placement, Thrombolytic therapy, Thrombectomy, Drainage, Lithotomy, etc.)


- Ventilators

- Pacemakers

- Separation bags

- Body temperature management system

- Software/Applications for medical devices

●Forensic Medicine

●Medical (General), Others

Regenerative medicine, Cardiology, Respiratory disease, Gastroenterology, Internal medicine, Surgery, Hematology, Cancer, Neurology, Immunology, Dermatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Plastic surgery, Cosmetic surgery, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Psychiatry, Incurable diseases, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Influenza, Nursing, Rehabilitation, Medical examination, Health care, Neuroscience, Veterinary medicine, Basic research, etc.


Electrical and electronic engineering, IT (Manuals, Specifications), Biotechnology (MSDS, etc.), Manufacturing industry, Civil engineering, Energy, Policy conditions, Articles of incorporation, Contracts, Real estate, Trade, Automobile, Finance, Politics, Psychology, Japanese history, Linguistics, Marketing, Education, Music, Art, Literature, Government documents, Entertainment, Fashion, Game, News, Magazine articles, Web sites, Business, etc.

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