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High quality medical translation at reasonable prices, based on the experiences at a pharmaceutical company and a medical device company.

About the website

The best solution for customers in need of quality translations at reasonable costs―that's what I can provide through my earnest efforts. As a reliable partner of doctors and medical professionals, I would like to contribute to the evolution of medicine at large.

Greetings from the translator (an individual translator, not an agency)

Thank you for coming to my website.

I believe a translator should be a Language Evangelist, not just replacing one language with another.

*Translator's background*
After graduating from university (B.A), I started my business career at a trading company in Japan. I worked at a major electrical manufacturer, a marketing company, and others as a translator. Then, I moved to a major pharmaceutical company followed by a medical device company. Since then, I have been engaged in medical translation.
Currently, I am a freelance translator specializing in medicine and pharmaceutical sciences. Although I am an individual translator, I have business with a world-leading medical device company. I have EIKEN Grade 1.

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